National Session of the EYP Serbia and Montenegro

02/06/2006 to 04/06/2006

From June 3rd to June 5th 2006, EYP Serbia and Montenegro will organize its National Session in Belgrade. Around 80 high school students will take part in it, discussing about current local, regional and European issues.


Swiss National Conference 2006 in Nyon

24/05/2006 to 27/05/2006

Around 100 participants from all over Switzerland plus international guest delegations are invited to celebrate the 10th anniversary of EYP Switzerland with a big dinner. Apart from the named international guest delegates, we will welcome around 20 international CJO´s.


16th National Selection Conference

22/05/2006 to 26/05/2006

From May 23rd to May 27th 2006, EYP Germany will organise its 16th National Selection Conference in Berlin. About 100 young participants will have the chance to take part to this unique event and to experience the EYP spirit!


Europe Day


High school students from 8 to 10 schools are invited in Southern Portugal at Alcochete to discuss a European topic. There, they will take part to Teambuilding, committee work and finally to the debate with the presence of a member of the European Parliament.


Board Meeting of EYP Sweden


Board Meeting of EYP Sweden with 9 participants to be held on May 7th  in Stockholm.


Annual Meeting of EYP Sweden

05/05/2006 to 06/05/2006

This years Annual Meeting of the EYP Sweden is to be held on May 6th-7th. 35 participants will be attending the event.


Board Meeting of EYP Sweden


Board Meeting of EYP Sweden with 12 participants to be held on May 6th  in Stockholm.



3rd International Forum Bad Urach

26/04/2006 to 29/04/2006

During four days, 45 youngsters from 10 European countries - Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, France,   Finland, Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands and Poland - will gather in Bad Urach and Tübingen to take part to the 3rd International Forum Bad Urach - under the patronage of MEP Elmar B


2nd EYP Forum

21/04/2006 to 22/04/2006

All the protuguese EYPers are invited to Vila do Conde in the surroundings of Porto to a two-days-long session.


Prize-giving during the Closing Ceremony of the XVII National Selection of EYP Italy


In the enchanting atmosphere of the Castle of Carlo V in Lecce, Federica Vazzana, a young art student from Sicily, is going to receive her award linked to the “New EYP Italy Logo Competition” in front of the GA, the Board of EYP Italy and national and local guests.