Bulgarian Open Summer Session (BOSS)

09/08/2007 to 17/08/2007

On August 10 2007, the Bulgarian Open Summer Session (Boss 2007) takes place in Sofia. This national selection involves school and university students, aged 16-22, from the towns of Sofia, Varna, Pleven, Plodiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Veligrad, Silistra and Tetven.


55th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in Bialowieza & Bialystok, Poland

27/07/2007 to 05/08/2007

The 55th EYP International Session, organised by the National Committee of Europejski Parlament Mlodziezy EYP Poland, will be held between 26th July and 5th August 2007 in Bialowieza and Bialystok in North-Eastern Poland. The event will take place under the patronage of Prof.


First European Forum of EYP France

21/07/2007 to 28/07/2007

Following the success of its European Sessions, EYP France will organise a new kind of EYP event this summer in the sunny city of Aix-en-Provence. The 6 first days will gather 113 participants from all over Europe for a session where amendments will be allowed in GA.


EYP Birthday Party


As every EYPer will be aware by now, the National Committees turn 20 this year. We are going to celebrate this with a big party in the courtyard of the EYP/HSS office in Berlin on the 7/7/07!


2nd Regional Session in Sumy

04/07/2007 to 07/07/2007

Around 60-70 participants coming from all over Europe will gather for the 2nd Sumy Regional Session in July. Participants will be divided into 5 committees to discuss and elaborate resolutions on urgent European and world issues.


11th Weekend of EYP Poland in Bialystok

16/06/2007 to 17/06/2007

During the two days in the city of Bialystok, in which EYP Poland has its seat, approximately 35 Polish and Belarusian youths will gather to learn more about the EYP.


3rd European Rhein-Main Forum

15/06/2007 to 18/06/2007

The Third European Rhein-Main Forum took place from June 15th until June 18th of 2007 in Hambach, Germany.


3rd European Rhein-Main Forum

13/06/2007 to 16/06/2007

In 2007, the historical Hambach Festival will have its 175th anniversary. In May 1832, people from Germany, France and Poland came together at the castle to fight for their rights of freedom and democracy.


1st National Session of EYP Georgia

01/06/2007 to 02/06/2007

1st National Session was the 1st EYP Session organized by EYP Georgia.

Less than 1 year after the 1st National Session, Georgia was granted full membership in EYP Family.


10th Day of EYP Poland in Lublin


The very first EYP Day of EYP Poland in Lublin will be held at Paderewski Grammar School in Lublin on 2nd June 2007. During the day, approximately 40 Polish youths from local schools will gather to learn more about the EYP.