2nd National Session of EYP Spain

26/09/2007 to 29/09/2007

EYP Spain will hold its second National Session this autumn in Banyoles(Girona), Spain.


UK National Session 2007

20/09/2007 to 23/09/2007

Nearly 200 participants will be converging on the historic heart of the North East of England for the centrepiece event of EYPUK’s calendar.
14 teams who have all participated and won a Regional Forum in their area will be taking part in the National Session at Hatfield College, Durham.


2nd Regional Session in Brittany

13/09/2007 to 15/09/2007

80 delegates coming frtom 16 schools will gather in Rennes for the 2dn Regional Session of Brittany. The participants will be chaired by 10 international EYPers. Thre Frenh Eurodeputies have granted thir patronage for this session: Mrs Roselyne Lefrançois, Mrs Marie-Hélène Aubert and M.


7th Regional Session of EYP Poland in Rzeszow

12/09/2007 to 16/09/2007

More than 120 participants coming from all European countries are going to gather for the 7th EYP Regional Session in Rzeszów. Participants will be divided into 10 committes to discuss and elaborate on various European and world´s current affairs.


5th National Session of EYP Norway in Tromso

11/09/2007 to 15/09/2007

We are holding a fully National Session for all of Norway. 400 schools were invited to apply, 25 did so. Regional diversity, quality and quantity of their selection process at the schools and international profile were the criteria which we applied when selecting the 25 schools.


EYP Finland’s Chair’s Training 2007

06/09/2007 to 08/09/2007

A training event where participants will learn about group dynamics, team leading skills and about chairing an EYP Session.


First EYP Cyprus National Session

06/09/2007 to 08/09/2007

150 participants from all cities of the Republic of Cyprus will get together for the 1st National Selection Conference of newly established EYP Cyprus. It is planned to have 12 international chairs and 8 international journos. The Cyprus Youth Board has granted its patronage to the session.


Olimpic Forum

23/08/2007 to 31/08/2007

Following the success of the Summer and Winter Camp previously organised by EYP Romania, we are organising this summer The Olimpic Forum. It takes its name from the location, Leptokaria being situated at the basis of the Olimpic Mountain-the mountain of Gods.


Bulgarian Open Summer Session (BOSS)

09/08/2007 to 17/08/2007

On August 10 2007, the Bulgarian Open Summer Session (Boss 2007) takes place in Sofia. This national selection involves school and university students, aged 16-22, from the towns of Sofia, Varna, Pleven, Plodiv, Veliko Tarnovo, Veligrad, Silistra and Tetven.


55th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in Bialowieza & Bialystok, Poland

27/07/2007 to 05/08/2007

The 55th EYP International Session, organised by the National Committee of Europejski Parlament Mlodziezy EYP Poland, will be held between 26th July and 5th August 2007 in Bialowieza and Bialystok in North-Eastern Poland. The event will take place under the patronage of Prof.