10th National Selection Conference of the EYP Czech Republic in Jihlava 2007

22/11/2007 to 25/11/2007

120 participants coming from all over Czech Republic as well as international chairs, journos and jurors will meet at the 10th National Selection Conference in Jihlava, Czech Republic.


3rd Preliminary Rounds of EYP The Netherlands 2007

10/11/2007 to 11/11/2007

168 participants and several international guests convene at the 3rd Preliminary rounds in The Netherlands. They are taking place on two weekends, one of them in the middle of November, the other one at the beginning of December.


56th International Session of the EYP in Dublin, Ireland

09/11/2007 to 18/11/2007

The  56th  International  Session  of  the  European  Youth
 Parliament  took place  from  November  9th  to  18th  2007  in
 Dublin,  Ireland,  under  the  motto  “Europe  at  50  and  beyond”.
 Gathering  302 young  people  from  29  different  European  countries,


2nd Official’s Training Excursion at Agios Nikolaos of Chalkidiki

02/11/2007 to 03/11/2007

30 to 40 members from all over Greece will attend the Annual Official’s Training Excursion of EYP Greece. It takes place at the summer camp of WMCA Thessaloniki.


8th National Estonian Session

26/10/2007 to 29/10/2007

135 participants from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Switzerland and UK will meet in 8th Estonian National Session in Tartu. The patron of the session is Estonian minister of culture Mrs Laine Jänes.


14th Finnish National Session Helsinki 2007

18/10/2007 to 21/10/2007

200 participants all over Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, Germany, Latvia ect. will be participating at the 14th Finnish National Session in Helsinki.


Public Presentation


As part of “Stand Up Speak Out: Youth Against Poverty - Thessaloniki 17th October 2007", a campaign of the Youth Society for the United Nations Millenium Development Goals, EYP Greece gives a public presentation at the White Tower Square in Thessaloniki.


4th National Selection Conference of EYP Poland in Gdansk

12/10/2007 to 14/10/2007

4th National Selection Conference of EYP Poland will be held between 12th and 14th October 2007 in the Tricity (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot) and will be the first event of the kind to be held on the coast of the Baltic Sea.


1st European Forum of EYP Germany in Dachau, Germany

10/10/2007 to 14/10/2007

The First European Forum of the EYP Germany took place in Dachau from the 10th of October until the 14th of October 2007.


EYP Alumni Meeting on NC Co-operation and Development

27/09/2007 to 29/09/2007

Over 30 EYP Alumni from all over Europe meet in Helsinki at the invitation of the National Committees Finland, Estonia and Sweden.