2nd Official’s Training Excursion at Agios Nikolaos of Chalkidiki

02/11/2007 to 03/11/2007

30 to 40 members from all over Greece will attend the Annual Official’s Training Excursion of EYP Greece. It takes place at the summer camp of WMCA Thessaloniki.


8th National Estonian Session

26/10/2007 to 29/10/2007

135 participants from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Switzerland and UK will meet in 8th Estonian National Session in Tartu. The patron of the session is Estonian minister of culture Mrs Laine Jänes.


14th Finnish National Session Helsinki 2007

18/10/2007 to 21/10/2007

200 participants all over Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, Germany, Latvia ect. will be participating at the 14th Finnish National Session in Helsinki.


Public Presentation


As part of “Stand Up Speak Out: Youth Against Poverty - Thessaloniki 17th October 2007", a campaign of the Youth Society for the United Nations Millenium Development Goals, EYP Greece gives a public presentation at the White Tower Square in Thessaloniki.


4th National Selection Conference of EYP Poland in Gdansk

12/10/2007 to 14/10/2007

4th National Selection Conference of EYP Poland will be held between 12th and 14th October 2007 in the Tricity (Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot) and will be the first event of the kind to be held on the coast of the Baltic Sea.


1st European Forum of EYP Germany in Dachau, Germany

10/10/2007 to 14/10/2007

The First European Forum of the EYP Germany took place in Dachau from the 10th of October until the 14th of October 2007.


EYP Alumni Meeting on NC Co-operation and Development

27/09/2007 to 29/09/2007

Over 30 EYP Alumni from all over Europe meet in Helsinki at the invitation of the National Committees Finland, Estonia and Sweden.


2nd National Session of EYP Spain

26/09/2007 to 29/09/2007

EYP Spain will hold its second National Session this autumn in Banyoles(Girona), Spain.


UK National Session 2007

20/09/2007 to 23/09/2007

Nearly 200 participants will be converging on the historic heart of the North East of England for the centrepiece event of EYPUK’s calendar.
14 teams who have all participated and won a Regional Forum in their area will be taking part in the National Session at Hatfield College, Durham.


2nd Regional Session in Brittany

13/09/2007 to 15/09/2007

80 delegates coming frtom 16 schools will gather in Rennes for the 2dn Regional Session of Brittany. The participants will be chaired by 10 international EYPers. Thre Frenh Eurodeputies have granted thir patronage for this session: Mrs Roselyne Lefrançois, Mrs Marie-Hélène Aubert and M.