2nd Baltic Sea Regional Session of the EYP Sweden

17/04/2008 to 21/04/2008

We are delighted to inform you about the 2nd Baltic Sea Regional Session in April 2008, under the high patronage of Ms. Cecilia MALMSTRÖM, Swedish minister for EU Affairs.


17th National Selection Conference of EYP-Greece, Southern Regions

17/04/2008 to 19/04/2008

In April, 140 delegates will meet in Athens for the 17th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece. As guests, there are going to be ten international officials. The event takes place under the patronage of the Office of the European Parliament in Greece.


3rd National Selection Conference of the EYP Spain

15/04/2008 to 19/04/2008

Around 80 students sent by 22 schools from Andalusia, Catalonia and Madrid as well as five international delegations will convene at the 3rd Spanish National Selection Conference in Seville.


9th National Session EYP Austria

09/04/2008 to 12/04/2008

For the 2nd time the Austrian National Selection Conference will take place in the beautiful southern town of Villach. The session will have about 100 participants, last 3 and a half days, and has been granted the patronage of the Mayor of Villach.


3rd International Istanbul Youth Forum

02/04/2008 to 07/04/2008

Around 200 delegates of various National Committees will convene at 3rd International Istanbul Youth Forum which is held in the campus of Robert College.


Muntenia Regional Session of EYP Romania

27/03/2008 to 29/03/2008

The Southern part of Romania will host a EYP event at Buzau-Poiana Pinului Youth Conference Center.


2nd Hanse Forum of EYP Germany

26/03/2008 to 29/03/2008

XX National Selection of EYP Italy in Leghorn, Italy

27/03/2008 to 30/03/2008

On the 20th National Session of the EYP Italy, 84 delegates from different Italian cities, teachers, officials and international guests will convene in Leghorn under the patronage of the President of the Italian Republic.


Conference EYP & Multiple Sclerosis Society Romania

23/03/2008 to 26/03/2008

EYP Romania, in partnership with the Romanian Society of Multiple Sclerosis organises a truly unique event at which experienced EYP chairspersons and journalists will guide committees of young people affected by multiple sclerosis into discussions about ways of integrating young people with disab


14th Weekend of EYP Poland in Wroclaw

13/03/2008 to 15/03/2008

On behalf of the EYP Poland we are pleased to invite you to the 14th EYP Weekend. This event will take place in Wroclaw, one the most beautiful and interesting Polish cities, a charming amalgam of the traditional and the modern.