2nd National Training of EYP Albania

21/12/2018 to 25/12/2018 

The 2nd National Training of EYP Albania is going to be held between 22nd and 24 of December 2018 (for Trainees) in Tirana. This event will offer the members of EYP Albania the opportunity to learn more on being an official in EYP thus enhancing their skills and abilities. The Training is also a highlight of EYP Albania's events as it aims to increase the contigent of Albanian EYPers officiating in EYP events in the country and abroad. The 2nd NAtional Training is Head-Organised by Tony Mançe with the support of the EYP Albania National Board. 


The event will be concluded with the Annual Reunion of EYP Albania and the venue of the Training will be te Canadian Institute of Technology (CIT) in Tirana, Albania.

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