4th Inter-Rail Tour of EYP-Ukraine

16/09/2013 to 22/09/2013 

5 teams of officials (5 people each, 25 altogether) will sail off, or better say ‘rail off’ to 5 different destinations in Ukraine holding three mini-sessions in a row each.

The 4th InterRail Tour is a unique and innovative event, which will gather around 600 participants between 16th and 22nd of September, 2013 all over Ukraine. Officials will be devided into 5 teams (5 people each, 25 altogether), who will sail off, or better say ‘rail off’ to 5 different destinations in Ukraine with an aim of holding a mini-session. So one team gets to conduct a chain of 3 mini-sessions in a row and come back to Kyiv afterwards. The 5 teams will do it simultaneously in 5 regions of our lovely country.
Each team of officials will spend 2 days in every city and then move to the next one by train or bus. 15 cities will host a Mini EYP-Session, consisting of standard session stages such asTeambuilding, Committee Work and General Assembly. The event will gather 40 active youngesters per city, who will make 4 committees in total.
The session will head-orhanised by experienced Ukrainian alumni Julia Pustovoitova and Lidia Zhgyr!

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