6th University Selection Conference of EYP Azerbaijan on Diversity and Social Inclusion

27/06/2019 to 30/06/2019 

Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Ensuring the DIversity and Inclusion

European Youth Parliament Azerbaijan is honored to announce the 6th University Selection Conference which is going to take place in the sunny capital of Azerbaijan - Baku from 27th to 30th June (26th being the CJO day). EYP Azerbaijan aims to broaden the concept of "Active Engagement of European Youth" by advancing the understanding of the whole organization and accessibility for anyone living in Europe. The theme of the session being, "Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Ensuring the DIversity and Inclusion" stands for the openness of the session welcoming participants from diverse social-economic backgrounds, hence signifying the notion of belongingness. The session will gather more than 100 participants from all over Europe to discuss topics on Diversity and Social Inclusion. The session will include one day of Teambuilding, 2 days of Committee Work and 1 day of General Assembly. 

The University Selection Conference aims to select delegates with exceptional qualities they demonstrate throughout the session to further participate at EYP events abroad with the provided travel reimbursement.

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🥁🥁Attention everyone!🥁🥁

The long awaited announcement is finally HERE!!!

Please welcome the COSMIC Organisers Team of 5th University Session of EYP Azerbaijan!

They already started to “rotate” around the tasks in the same direction which leads to the excellence and universal success. We wish them best of luck in their painstaking, yet appreciated organisational process that demands full determination and dedication. These people gonna show you that #strongisbeautiful!

#solarsystemisbiggerthanyouthink #toinfinityandbeyond

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One of the major reasons why Women Empowerment has been chosen as the topic of the 5th University session of EYP Azerbaijan lies behind the fact that Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, established in 1918, was the very first country in the East that provided women with the right to vote, thus becoming first Muslim country where women were enfranchised. According to the Law passed in the parliament, on 21 July 1919, all citizens of the Republic who had reached the age of 20 were granted voting rights.

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It can be observed that main attribute of the session will be the goddess of love, prosperity and victory – Venus, as depicted by the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli in his masterpiece “The Birth of Venus” probably made in the mid 1480s. It illustrates the goddess Venus arriving at the shore after her birth, when she had emerged from the sea fully-grown. We strongly believe that this figure presented in our logo and many different stories around the world throughout the history will be an exemplary representation of what we are attempting to say and what changes we are trying to bring.

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Dear EYP’ers!
So much time has passed since 4US! So, we would like to borrow you from your daily lives and share Video report of the session which is made by the Shaurmedia team! We hope that this video will awaken your PED and enhance your desire for EYP. With the greatest hope in our minds and hearts, we wish to see you in future sessions!

Always yours,

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Here is the list of Gossips of 4US!
1. The weather is sunny and hot, because Syafa is here.
2. I guess Toghrul and Irlan have relationship.
3. Syafa is cutiepie.
4. Shahin is such a cutiepie.
5. Sevda Sadikhova, you are a bomb!
6. Amina, you are super cute! + a wonderful personality 7. Vafa, I missed you.
8. Dennis, why are you so hot?
9. Fanara is the cutest rabbit 10. Nazrin Sadig is pretty!
11. Aliya is cupcake.
12. Fanara, be my nanny.
13. Can’t sleep because of Nijat from media.