BNC Spring Meeting 2017

12/05/2017 to 14/05/2017 

The Board of National Committees' Spring 2017 Meeting will take place in the Max-Liebermann Haus of the Berlin Savings Bank in Berlin between 12-14 May 2017. Representatives from all recognised EYP National Committees, National Committee Candidates and EYP Initiatives are invited to join the event, to discuss current issues and take decision. The event starts with an introductory training and networking event, preparing the participants for the meeting.

The BNC Board has circulated more information about the meeting preparations on the BNC Governance list. The timeline for the meeting preparations is as follows:
30.01.17 Call for Main Proposals
17.03.17 Deadline for Main Proposals and the Participants’ Registration Form
24.03.17 Publication of Main Proposals, the Agenda Setting Poll + Call for Amendments
10.04.17 Deadline for Amendments and the Agenda Setting Poll
14.04.17 Publication of all Documents and the Workshop Sign-Up Poll
28.04.17 Deadline for the Workshop Sign-Up Poll and PowerPoint Presentations
12.04.17 Start of the 2017 Spring BNC Meeting

In addition to its Spring and Autumn Meetings, the BNC is active through two mailing lists and sporadically via online votes on various issues. The BNC holds full co-decision rights on the EYP Charter and policies together with the strategic body of the EYP, the Governing Body (GB). The Board of the BNC manages and chairs the BNC as a decision-making body and ensures democratic decision-making, based on the BNC's own working procedure.

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