First Cultural Forum of EYP Austria

13/09/2019 to 20/09/2019 

This session aims to bring people from the more rural parts of Europe closer together and will try to put their needs and problems into the limelight. While it seems like the opinions of European citizens living in metropolitan areas are often heard, the feeling of uncertainty and scepticism of the EU’s actions in citizens living outside the cities is often not taken into consideration equally.

The International Forum’s intention is to broaden participant’s mind and let participants experience what other cultures and communities throughout the many Member States have to say on various matters. One primary focus of the session will be the fostering of intercultural exchange throughout the EU, including rural areas such as Styria. The session will give a deeper insight into demographic landscape changes in the European Union and both its positive and negative effects on rural living.

As the session will be held in one of the most beautiful and indeed rural areas of Austria, it also will try to show its participants all the positive aspects of living in the countryside, including highlighting the Styrian cuisine and different cultural activities in the region.


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