International Academic Summer Forum Augsburg 2018

26/08/2018 to 02/09/2018

Building Peace by Piece

For the first time the Bavarian City of Augsburg, historical centre of trade where the religious peace was concluded in 1555, is hosting an International Academic Summer Forum for about 140 participants between the age of 18 and 25 years. The programme includes one and a half days of Teambuilding, three and a half days of Committee Work and two days of General Assembly. In addition the academic concept includes several Interactive Modules in which delegates will discussing issues and solutions under the sessions’ overarching theme of the European Foreign and Peace Policy while focusing on different political paradigms. Next to this a Lobby Event will take place enabling the delegates to incorporate criticism into resolutions while the new and innovative format of a Press Conference will stress the role of the media within the political decision-making process. The concept further aims to foster interactivity between all participants and to deepen the cooperation of all session teams. This helps to increase the quality and cogency of the final resolutions while making the entire experience of the parliamentary process more realistic and extensive.

The International Academic Summer Forum will be head-organised by Timotheus Riedel (DE) and Janis Fifka (DE). For questions, please refer to or A working group hast just been installed in November 2017 to finalise the academic concept of the forum. The call for the members of the organising team and the leadership of the session including the president, vice-presidents, editor(s) and editorial assistant(s) was openend in January 2018 and the following individuals have been selected and invited to form the leadership of the forum: Arman Gasparian (AM) will be presiding the session alongside with his vice-presidents Rebeca Leal (PT) and Michael Ernst (AT). The editorial team will be formed by Editress Alexandra Blin (FR) and her Assistants Debra Daly (IE) and Thomas Micheler (AT).

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