Kaunas 2018 - 6th National Selection Conference of EYP Lithuania

31/10/2018 to 03/11/2018 

The art of thinking independently together

The 6th National Selection Conference (NSC) of EYP Lithuania will take place from the 31st of October to the 3rd of November in the amazing city of Kaunas. The session will gather around 130 participants from across Lithuania and the whole Europe for fruitful debates and will encourage intercultural dialogue. The session is Head Organised by Justina Januškytė (LT) and Algirdas Griška (LT). 

Stay tuned for upcoming calls!

In case of any questions, please contact the Head Organisers via kaunas2018@eyp.lt 


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Since there is only eight days left before the session Organising Team wants to present You our lovely city – Kaunas!
Keep up with the page everyday for new facts!

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Kaunas is a very special city, for it holds the largest river confluence in Lithuania. Together these rivers flow in unity and despite of a common name - one is not fully perfected without the other.

This year, Kaunas will have the privilege of holding a second, equally big confluence of two talented streams and while one is already full of beautiful minds, we are yet to complete the second half of it.

Hereby we loudly declare that the call for Lithuanian delegates is officially open!

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This Autumn is like a cornucopia of open calls!

The organizing team of Kaunas'18 is very happy to announce that the open call for international delegates has been launched! Do not skip this chance, here is a small message for you:

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They are all complete!

Take a look at our full chairs team ! Give them a warm welcome and wish the best of luck!

This team, led by Razvan, are already working hard to ensure that the academic part of the session is spot on!

Martynas Duknauskas
Era Selmani
Alexandros Kaimakliotis
Gabriele Degutyte
Jonas Weider
Enis Lalmi
Andra Radu
Antek Tomkowiak

President: Razvan Lacatusu
Vice-presidents: Dana Kristiāna Skrupska and Inez Brogowska

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We heard your voice and we are giving you a few extra days to finish what you've started!

Hereby it's our upmost pleasure to announce that the call for Media team Members and Editorial Assistants is extended!

Join the team, lead by the one and only Editress: Venla Ala-Rämi! And make this Autumn the prettiest you've ever had 🍂

New deadline: September 21st!

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With warm Autumn breezes comes another exciting announcement!

Welcome the amazing Editress of the session Venla Ala-Rämi ! With her she brings a fresh call for Media team members and Editorial Assistants ! Here is a message from her, to you!

You can find the application right here: https://www.members.eyp.org/event/kaunas-2018-6th-national-selection-con...

Time flies by extra fast in Autumn, so better start writing!

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It is our upmost pleasure to announce the leadership of the Organising Team! Meet our Core Organisers: Rusnė Laurikėnaitė (LT), Adomas Vėlyvis (LT), Gabija Veličkaitė (LT) and Erika Tūgaudytė (LT). These people have already started working on the session and try to do their best to make this an amazing experience for all the participants!
After this said, we are more than happy to say that the call for national Organisers is officially open! Take this opportunity and become one of the reasons why Kaunas'18 will be remembered as something special!

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Only 12 hours remaining until the application process for chairs team is finished and we are still waiting to see your name there!

This is your last chance, don't miss it. You know you have got what it takes!

Everything is here: https://www.members.eyp.org/event/kaunas-2018-6th-national-selection-con...

Deadline --> Today! 23:59 CET

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It is our pleasure to announce that our President Razvan Lacatusu (RO) will be joined by these exceptional individuals in his board! VPs: Dana Kristiāna Skrupska (LV) and Inez Brogowska (PL) !

These devoted individuals are going to make sure, that 6th National Selection Conference of EYP Lithuania is truly unique among others.

With this announcement we are more than happy to say that the call for Chairpersons is officially open! Don't hesitate and join this amazing opportunity to work with these talented and enthusiastic people!

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Do you regret for not applying to Kaunas'18 as VP or Editor? Don't worry, you still have a chance to join this amazing family because the call for VP's and Editors is EXTENDED!

You can apply on Members plarform: https://www.members.eyp.org/event/kaunas-2018-6th-national-selection-con...

Deadline: 17th of June, 23:59 CET.