Kyiv'19 - 13th National Selection Conference of EYP Ukraine

09/07/2019 to 14/07/2019 

Kyiv`19 - 13th National Selection Conference of EYP Ukraine will take place on 9-14 July in Kyiv. The session is head organised by Lesya Pohorila (UA).  
The conference will bring together 135 youngsters from all over Ukraine as well as from Europe. This conference is a platform for the exchange of ideas, values and culture in order to show the diversity, empower participants to become active citizens and boost their self-development.

The session is presided by Dimitris Davris (GR). The session`s Editors are Sara Huseby (DK) and Sofie De Jong (NL). The session`s Head of Jury is Maciej Kuczynski (PL). 



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