Regional Selection Conference Breda 2020

10/01/2020 to 12/01/2020 

The final Regional Selection Conference in 2019-2020 will take place in Breda (North-Brabant)

The dates will be the 10th to the 12th of January for Officials (With a possibility of extra CMOJ-teambuilding on the 9th of January). Officials include a team of 8 chairpersons (leading 8 committees), a small media team with Editors and a small Jury team to select delegates for the National Selection Conference. A Regional Selection Conference starts on Friday for CMOJ-training. On Saturday morning, delegates arrive for a day of teambuilding and committee work. On Saturday evening, Eurovillage as well as an evening programme will take place. On Sunday, General Assembly will be held.

“In January 2020 we hope to build a creative, dynamic and fun sanctuary in Breda, and your help is needed! 

We see a big role for all leadership to envision and shape Breda 2020 into a session that takes care of the well-being, enjoyment, creativity and connection of participants. We also believe that the academic output of a session is an important part of youth empowerment and citizens’ dialogue. We are therefore hopeful to work together with local policy-makers to create a wider platform for participants’ ideas to be heard. 

Through an extra day of CJO we aim to put emphasis on inter-team building and close-knit cooperation. At the centre of the two days of CJO we put connection and setting personal goals. So that each participant at Breda can enjoy a feeling of closeness to other participants as well as develop personally. 

Breda 2020 is to be a safe space for all, regardless of experience, to develop their skills and enjoy their time. Breda will be a place to pass on what really matters about EYP: enjoyment. We are beyond excited to receive your application and cannot wait to start working together with you on building Breda 2020 to be the session of our dreams!”

- Juliet & Luuk, Head Organisers

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The media team of Hoorn 2018- Preliminary Round of EYP the Netherlands had the pleasure of collaborating with the media team of Tampere 2018- Regional Session of EYP Finland. Below you can find the amazing video postcard they shared with us during GA day. Thank you Tampere!

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Shot by Constanze Sendler and post-processed by Luís Machado

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The first Preliminary Round of 2018 is now one week behind us, while the second is only one week away!

It is time to introduce the volunteers who have been working hard to ensure the upcoming weekend will be a great one. Say hello to the Officials of Breda 2018!