Understanding Europe international spring training 2016

11/03/2016 to 13/03/2016 

The EU Crash Courses offer pupils an interactive introduction of European politics. The courses are 4-hour-long introductory courses into the European Union, targeted at secondary school students between 15 and 18. The course encourages young people to talk about the EU and to work with European topics in an informative and interactive way. This project has been initiated by the Schwarzkopf Foundation in the run-up to the European Elections 2014, and is carried through with the support of the European Parliament and the Mercator Foundation.

To combine the EU Compact Courses with EYP activities at schools, the Schwarzkopf Foundation wants to work together with interested NCs to implement the EU Crash Course in their activities.
Questions to Kerstin at the International Office via k.eckart@eyp.org

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