Webinar on Impact Measurements

30/05/2018 CET 

„Planning, evaluating and reporting social impact“

on Wednesday, 30 May, 18:30 CET (plan for 75min)

This webinar aims at introducing trainees to impact-orientated project management and reporting. After learning about the differences between among others „outcome“ and „impact“, attendees will get some insights in how to incorporate impact orientation into their planning process. Furthermore, they will be provided with ideas how despite potentially limited resources for monitoring and evaluation the effectiveness of their work can be reviewed and data on social impact can be used to convince third parties, such as funding partners, of a project’s value. There will be a presentation from the trainer followed by a round of Q&A.

12 Spots available, sign up via Members Platform.

The deadline for the application is 22 May 2018

As soon as we have confirmed your participation we will provide you with further information.


If there are any questions or comments regarding the webinar, please contact the webinar trainer Lea Schiewer (lea.schiewer@eyp.de)


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