(Postponed) Porto 2020 - 39th National Selection Conference of EYP Portugal

15/04/2020 to 19/04/2020

From the 15th to the 19th of April 2020, the vibrant city of Porto will welcome around 120 people from all over Europe share, debate and experience a programme with the best the European Youth Parliament has to offer.


Athens 2020 - 41st National Selection Conference of EYP Greece

10/04/2020 to 13/04/2020

-Postponed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus outbreak-


Gardanne 2020 - Regional Session of EYP France (canceled)

09/04/2020 to 12/04/2020


This year the Comité Grand Sud is pleased to launch the 4th Regional Session which will take place in the city of Gardanne in the south of France from 10th to 12th April 2020 (9th for the Officials)



Tarsus 2020 - 2nd Regional Session of EYP Turkey

09/04/2020 to 12/04/2020

The second regional session of EYP Turkey will take place in the historic city of Tarsus between the dates 9-12th of April 2020 (9th being the CJO day). During this 3 day session, 50 delegates will come together to discuss the session theme


Shkodra 2020 - 13th National Selection Conference of EYP Albania

09/04/2020 to 14/04/2020

EYP Albania announces the 13th National Selection Conference that will be held between 9 and 14th of April 2020 in Shkodёr, Albania and Head-Organised by Nadia Abazi & Gea Ҫausholli.


Cavan 2020 the 23rd National Session of EYP Ireland

06/04/2020 to 10/04/2020

The 23rd National Session of EYP Ireland will be held in Cavan from the 6th to the 10th of April 2020.

The session will be 5 days long for officials including a full day of CJO, one day of team-building, two days of committee work and General assembly. 


Newcomers Weekend

04/04/2020 to 05/04/2020

Newcomers' Weekend is a marvelous opportunity for new EYPers to explore the opportunities it may provide them with. Experienced trainers are conducting various modules to familiarise participants with What is EYP? How they can develop within the organization?


Outreach day - Ajdovščina


On the 4th of April 2020 will hold an EYP-day event in Ajdovščina, in the coastal region of Slovenia. They event will gather around 25 delegates from neighbouring schools and towns and give the participants a chance to have a taste of what EYP is.


Moldavia Regional Selection Session Spring 2020 (Postponed)

03/04/2020 to 05/04/2020

We’re looking for ambitious individuals with curious minds to help us shape the new generation of Romanian EYPers!



Skopje 2020 - 1st National Selection Conference of EYP North Macedonia (Postponed)

03/04/2020 to 06/04/2020

We are pleased to announce Skopje 2020, the first National Selection Conference of European Youth Parliament North Macedonia!