EYP Bosnia and Herzegovina

EYP Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was established in 2013. Since 2015, EYP BiH had included 3000+ participants and has 128 members in its main office in Sarajevo and 4 regional offices in Banjaluka, Mostar, Tuzla and Zenica.

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Introducing the wonderful team that has given their best to make the Regional Selection Session in Banja Luka 2018 possible!

The Head Organisers:
Aleksa Spasić (BA)
Marko Pejić (BA)

Srđan Špiragić (BA)
Ana Marić (BA)
Dejan Lazić (BA)

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There are still three days left to apply to be a delegate on Regional Selection Session in Bihać 2018. Don't miss out this great opportunity and apply now!

Apply on this link: http://bit.ly/2SP2dPk

Deadline is 13th November 2018, 23.59.


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The time has finally come!

We are more than thrilled to open the applications for delegates of Bihać 2018! Do not miss this amazing opportunity to find out how it is to be part of an European Youth Parliament event. Apply now and write your own story!

You can find the application form on the following link: http://bit.ly/2SP2dPk

Deadline for applying is the 13th of November 2018, 23:59.

Bihać 2018 is calling your name!


EYP Bosnia and Herzegovina Members Weekend (NY’s Ball)

21/12/2018 to 23/12/2018

The EYP Members Weekend and New Year's Ball will be held 21-23 December in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It will gather members of EYP BiH in a 3-day event with teambuilding and bonding, together with a formal ball which will be the flagship of a successful year for EYP BiH.

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Committees of Medical University Session Sarajevo 2018 have had fruitful discussions about the relevant problems of today's medicine. Throughout the DAY 2 of the Session, Committee Work they have created outstanding resolutions.

Taken by Luca Peinsold, Bernd Stelzl, Matea Šunjić-Antoliš, Milena Zlatković, Anđelina Petrović and Iman Delimustafić.
Post-processed by Gašper Cvetič.

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Delegates of Medical University Session Sarajevo 2018 have joined the Officials Team and spent Day 1 of the Session getting to know each other throughout Teambuilding.

Pictures taken by Iman Delimustafić, Matea Šunjić-Antoliš, Asja Spaho, Luca Peinsold, Bernd Stelzl, Milena Zlatković and Anđelina Petrović. Post-processed by Gašper Cvetič

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Yesterday, the Officials Team of the Medical University Session Sarajevo 2018 gathered in Academy 387 and has opened the session with CMO Training.

Photos taken by Gašper Cvetič, Iman Delimustafić, Luca Peinsold, Bernd Stelzl, Milena Zlatković, Matea Šunjić-Antoliš, Anđelina Petrović and Asja Spaho.
Post-processed by Gašper Cvetič.

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The call for Vice Presidents, Chairpersons, Editorial Assistant and Journalists for Regional Selection Session in Bihać 2018 is officially open!

If you want to be a part of this amazing session, further develop your skills, or even try out as an Official for the first time, be sure to apply!

The session will take place from from 30th November to 2nd December.

Apply on the following link through the Members Platform: https://bit.ly/2CTN7mj

The deadline for the applications is 6th November 2018 by 23:59.

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Presenting the wonderful Media team of the Medical University Session in Sarajevo 2018 lead by Gašper Cvetič and Jasmin Feratović! They will be in charge of taking photos and making this session memorable.

Editorial Assistant:
Iman Delimustafić (BA)

Luca Peinsold (AT)
Anđelina Petrović (RS)
Asja Spaho (BA)
Bernd Stelzl (AT)
Matea Šunjić-Antoliš (BA)
Milena Zlatković(RS)

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Last weekend our new Understanding Europe trainers had Training 4 Trainers, that introduced them to the course, how to lead it and gave them a lot of tips that will be useful when they get to work in schools.