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Due to popular demand: we will keep the registration for Luxembourgish delegates open a bit longer, so hurry up!

Simply sign-up here: http://goo.gl/nzxOc3 for a unique and unforgettable opportunity to experience an European Youth Parliament conference!

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We are opening for a very brief time the CALL FOR INDIVIDUAL DELEGATES FROM LUXEMBOURG for our Luxembourg 2015

How many of you ever wanted to meet people from all across Europe, exchange and debate ideas in a multicultural forum, and have the chance to travel afterwards to conferences all across Europe?

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Your turn!
To all our Luxembourgish alumni and friends of EYP Luxembourg: all schools received booklets and invitations to send a delegation of their own to our session.

Talk to your friends, have them talk to their teachers, and have them join Luxembourg 2015 at the end of term!

For those where the schools might be slow with recruiting: we will open an open-call for Luxembourgish delegates on Saturday!

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After a great evening at Downtown Café full of explanations and announcements we're pleased to provide you with embarassing photos of new faces singing Aleille in the center of the street! With so many attending we may need a bigger venue for future meetings! See you next time! #eyplu #lux2015


1st NSC of EYP Luxembourg

31/03/2014 to 04/04/2014