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While future Board Members are preparing to the upcoming clash in Kyiv, in the Carpathian Mountains T4ET head-organised by Yuliya Kralevska is in full swing!

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While most of us in EYP Ukraine are now focused on Board Elections and reading manifestos, some of our members are currently attending a project called Training for EYP Trainers. T4ET is a training where participants are learning the best training techniques, and preparing for conducting amazing trainings in the future and passing the valuable knowledge they are gathering in EYP over the years. EYP Ukraine is honoured to be hosting this event this year, and we wish all the participants an amazing time and a great learning experience in the beautiful Carpathian mountains!

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Якщо ти прагнеш розкрити свій потенціал та розвинути в собі навички лідера, тоді цей курс саме для тебе!

ДНК лідерів - це онлайн-курс, що надихне тебе на розвиток власного лідерського потенціалу. Він створений міжнародною молодіжною організацією AIESEC спільно з EdEra та UA:Суспільне мовлення.

У коротких відео курсу зіркові спікери поділяться історіями успіхів та невдач. Історія першого спікера вже на сайті!

Відомий український телеведучий, шоумен та активний громадський діяч Олександр Педан розповість про важливість розуміння власних цінностей.

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Hello there!

As we have promised, we are now launching the online debates of EYP Ukraine Board Elections 2018-2019.

This means that once you go through the Manifesto Booklet https://goo.gl/xD787R , you can ask candidates questions in the comments section under their picture, about their vision or anything relevant to the position they are applying for.

We encourage everyone to stay respectful and friendly and look forward for your active participation!


5th Newcomers Weekend

14/04/2018 to 15/04/2018

5th Newcomers Weekend is a two-day training event for new members of the European Youth Parliament Ukraine. The Weekend is aimed to introduce the structure of the National Committee of EYP Ukraine along with all the opportunities, new members can gain.


EYP Day in Zaporizhzhia


EYP Day in Zaporizhzhia is an event that will take place on the 28th of October and will gather about 40 delegates and 12 officials.


Dnipro EYP Day of EYP Ukraine


Dnipro EYP Day is an important small-scale event that will take place on 11th November in Dnipro and will unite about 40 delegates and 12 officials. The main aim of this one-day session is to give an opportunity to our young generation to take part in exiting debates and develop their skills.

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Dear friends!

We are extremely happy to announce that having received 16 great manifestos, It is our greatest pleasure to now share them all with you in this Manifesto Booklet! We encourage you all to read through it and get acquainted with visions of our candidates.

Stay tuned for online debates, which we are launching already tonight!

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In response to many-many of your requests, we extend the call for Media Team Members and Chairpersons!

This is your last chance to join an outstanding International Forum that will take place in a truly majestic city. Moreover, you will have THE opportunity to spend time with leadership that defines «GOALS»!

So better get yourself together and apply by Wednesday, September 19, 23.59 CEST.

Please, find the vision and call here: https://goo.gl/cHdo3e

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We would like to kindly remind everyone about the approaching deadline for the application to become a Board Member of EYP UA 2018-2019, which is on the 15th of September, 23:59 EET. We are looking for:

- President
- Board Member on Finance
- Board Member on Public Relations
- Board Member on Human Resources
- Board Member on Regional Development
- Board Member on International Activities
- Secretary (Board Member)
- Project Coordinator (Board Member)
- Auditing Committee members (3 spots)