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Valencia IS - Chairs' Team Selected!

It is our great pleasure to announce that the Chairs' Team and Vice-Presidents for the 90th International Session of the EYP in Valencia has been selected. Congratulations to all selected candidates, who will jion the team led by Ms. Julia Fahy (IE):


Saga Eriksson (FI)

Matthias Masini (CH)

Irida Karasmanoglou (GR)



Christopher Godina (SE)

Ilvija Mezina (LV)

Realdo Silaj (AL)

Tim Weber (SI)

Alexandru Raicu (RO)

Samuel Hönle (AT)

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Valencia IS - Media Team and Editorial Assistants selected

It is with great excitement that we share the news of the selection of the Media Team and Editorial Assistants for the 90thInternational Session in Valencia. 

Congratulations to the all selected team members, who will join the Editor Mr. Âli Okumuşoğlu (TR):


Editorial Assistants

Anthony Fedorov (FI)

Ausma Cirulniece (LV)

Dominika Wojcik (PL)



Marylyn Rosenqvist (FI)

Gvantsa Dolbaia (GE)

Levon Tadesvoyan (AM)

Armin Adzovic (BiH)

Nisso Käser (CH)

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Report on the 88th IS in Rotterdam now out!

The Governing Body is happy to share with you the Report on the 88th IS of the EYP that took place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands end of 2018. 

The event was very successful in achieving the objectives expected from an International Session, enabling a high-level experience for delegates, inspiring them to continue in EYP and to become more open-minded, tolerant, active citizens.

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Heads Up: Member Platform Maintenance Work

Dear EYPers,

The Member Platform will be undergoing important maintenance work next Monday 1st of April, 8:00 – 10:00 (CET)

 Please do not use the platform during that time - anything you do on the platform during that time will not be saved.

 In the aftermath of the upgrade that will happen next week, please flag to us any hickups (other than the usual) that you experience with the platform via

Thank you and best wishes,



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Media Inducing Suicide

This year brought much devastation to not only our social media feeds, but also daily lives. We were faced with the losses of quite a few talented and beloved people who have given an enormous revolutionary contribution to their respective fields. DJ Avicii and Kate Spade, to name just two, left the world in a way that is widely regarded as 'personal choice', or suicide. In fact, if we dive deeper into the matter we'll reach the conclusion that there are likely some factors leading to these brutal decisions, and their terrific after-effects. 

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Webinars Schedule 2018

Knowledge sharing is an integral part of the success and sustainable development of our organisation. Thus, in line with the international strategy, several actors came together to offer webinars and online knowledge sharing opportunities to the whole network, and to board members in particular. Please share this information with your NCs and encourage people to use the opportunity to share their experiences and best practices and to learn from each other.


Preliminary schedule for 2018:

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Venues of Basana 2018

One of the more important parts of each National Session is where it is held. So, let us present our venues, the first one during the Officials Training and the second one for Teambuilding. 

Castle Vranduk (on the left) was built in the 14th century and is located around 14 kilometers from Zenica. Its name means "to defend" and some even call it the "Gate of Bosnia" due to its position on the river Bosnia. It used as a seat for some Bosnian kings. 

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President of Basana 2018: Thanos

Last but not least, we present you the President of Basana 2018: Thanos!

Upon his selection, he stated: "I'm thrilled to be part of a team with such talented people to realise Basana 2018. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and challenging ourselves in Sarajevo and Zenica come spring!"

With the Leadership Team completed, expect the call for other officials to be opened tomorrow.


Editors of Basana 2018: Gevorg & Nareg

We have the Head Organisers and the Head of Jury, so now we move on to the Editors: Gevorg and Nareg!

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Head of Jury of Basana 2018: Sofia Petterson

The selection for the Leadership Team of Basana 2018 has been made and we are happy to present you our new member: Sofia Petterson as the Head of Jury!

Sofia said: "My main motivation for applying to this session was the focus on the personal development and people, despite differences, working together, experiencing new things and having fun. By coming together with love and kindness for everyone, Basana 2018 will be an unforgettable session, and I’m beyond thrilled to join the session as the Head of Jury."

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