GB Candidates Extraordinary elections 2016

In our quest to find a replacement on the GB for Beáta next year, I am happy to now bring you the candidates running in the Extraordinary Governing Body elections on 14-19 December 2016. The below candidates have decided to run in the elections, for the one available seat:

Ilya Kursenko, Russia
Isabel Cantalapiedra, Spain
Jakob Etzel, Austria

All manifestos as well as candidates’ election videos are accessible on the GB Election page on our website.

This e-mail now launches the one week campaigning period until Tuesday 13 December 2016. We encourage all of you to get in touch with the candidates, and to ask them any further questions. This e-mail list and especially the discussion forum on the EYP Member Platform can be used for posting questions to the candidates and for discussions:

Active EYP members will be voting to elect one of the candidates. The voting will be open between Wednesday 14 December 2016 and Monday 19 December 2016. All eligible voters will receive a separate e-mail with instructions on how to vote before the voting period begins. Please also forward information about the candidates to all your members who are voting.

If you have any questions about the elections, please get in touch with us through