GB December 2016 Meeting highlights

The GB met for its fourth and last meeting of 2016 this past weekend in Berlin, and wrapped up many tasks it has been working on during the year. A plan on how best and most efficiently do the handover to GB 2017 was also discussed.

Below are listed the main meeting highlights, before the full meeting minutes will be circulated. By the end of the year, the GB will also prepare a term report to summarise its tasks and work this year.

The new GB 2017 will meet for its first meeting on 20-22 January 2017 to organise itself and pick up the work.

At its meeting on 2-4 December 2016, among other things, the GB:
• Discussed and collected ideas and improvements for the EYP Councils in 2017;
• Discussed and approved the EYP Budget 2017;
• Discussed political neutrality and began to develop some guidelines on how certain EYP values could be communicated externally;
• Agreed to adopt a nine-day programme as the standard programme for International Sessions;
• Approved the new Participant Welfare Policy;
• Granted EYP FYROM EYP Initiative status; and EYP Denmark Candidate National Committee status