Highlights of GB meeting 1/2017

Dear National Committees,

GB 2017 met over the weekend for its first meeting in Berlin. Our time was mostly used to get to know each other, share expectations, define goals for the upcoming year and divide portfolios.

We are all excited to start our work and to work together with you in the National Committees as well as with members. We will get in touch with you individually as well, to present our work in more detail and to hear about your plans and wishes for the year.

The full minutes of the meeting will be sent around soon and you can find the highlights below. The term goals and the full working plan of the GB will also follow soon. If you have any comments or ideas, please get in touch with us individually or simply send us an email to gb@eyp.org.

Jenny, Lars-Erik, Isa, Anthony, Ioanna, Noura, Anne, Krista and Lukas


The Governing Body:

- Identified the following priorities for the upcoming year regarding work on the GB, and specified which GB members take the lead on them:
• Strategy – Jenny
• EYP Communication Strategy – Noura
• Outreach and Inclusion – Isa
• International Sessions – Lars-Erik
• International Governance – Ioanna
• EYP Values - Anthony
• Finances - Ioanna
- Selected Jenny Ross as the GB Chair for the term;
- Received an update on the status of the draft EYP Communications Strategy and discussed further steps to be taken;
- Selected the new council members for the Council terms starting in February 2017;
- Decided on its representation on the Councils and at upcoming events and sessions. Isa will chair the Regional Development Council, Lars-Erik will chair the Academic Council, Anthony will chair the Educational Council and Noura will chair the Training and Alumni Development Council;
- Discussed upcoming GB work regarding International Session Guidelines as well as the Delegation Allocation Policy, and decided on amendments to the IS Policy;
- Agreed to soon hold skype meetings with all NC Boards.