Template for delegates' pre-session academic preparation

Dear all,

I'm happy to share a resource meant to support with pre-session delegate preparation. While most of our events foresee academic preparation kits in one form or another, boards have to constantly reinvent the wheel and cover similar topics from scratch. 

In the document available on the Member Platform, you can find: 

- an overview of institutional framework & stakeholders (covering the UN, the Council of Europe and the European Union); 

- tips on how to research; 

- how to understand legislation.

You can adapt the text and build on it as you see fit. We also encourage the addition of visuals to make it more appealing for the reader.

You can take a look at the Valencia Academic Preparation Kit that made use of it, as well as the Vilnius one. Our thanks to the Trondheim IS board who drafted the basis materials, and to the Vilnius IS board who suggested making use of part of the materials, thus planting the seed for the idea for this tool.


Should you have any questions or ideas for improvement, please get in touch with Maria Manolescu