Valencia IS - Media Team and Editorial Assistants selected

It is with great excitement that we share the news of the selection of the Media Team and Editorial Assistants for the 90thInternational Session in Valencia. 

Congratulations to the all selected team members, who will join the Editor Mr. Âli Okumuşoğlu (TR):


Editorial Assistants

Anthony Fedorov (FI)

Ausma Cirulniece (LV)

Dominika Wojcik (PL)



Marylyn Rosenqvist (FI)

Gvantsa Dolbaia (GE)

Levon Tadesvoyan (AM)

Armin Adzovic (BiH)

Nisso Käser (CH)

Giulia Giaganini (IT)

Marilena Zigka (GR)

Maria Leonor Feio (PT)

Utkan Dora Öncül (TR)

Leonoor Wijdeveld (NL)

Sofie De Jong (NL)

Darya Skorokhod (BY)

Thomas Micheler (AT)

Jason Scofferi (BE)


We would also like to thank all applicants for the time and effort they put into their applications. The selection panel encourages everybody to apply to future sessions as well, as the application pool reflected great motivation and skills. 


Further information on the selection process can be found in the attached selection report.