Webinars Schedule 2018

Knowledge sharing is an integral part of the success and sustainable development of our organisation. Thus, in line with the international strategy, several actors came together to offer webinars and online knowledge sharing opportunities to the whole network, and to board members in particular. Please share this information with your NCs and encourage people to use the opportunity to share their experiences and best practices and to learn from each other.


Preliminary schedule for 2018:

When                   What                                                                                   Who

Mar                       Alumni management                                                      International Office

Mar                       NC Strategy for NCs that already have a strategy    Governing Body

Apr                        NC Strategy                                                                      Governing Body

Apr                        Data Protection                                                              International Office

May                       Impact measurement                                                     International Office

Jun                        Partner Relations                                                           International Office

Jun                         NC management                                                            Development Council

Jul                           Academics                                                                      Academic Council

Aug                        Grant writing and Erasmus +                                          International Office

Sep                         Education in the EYP                                                      Educational Council

Sep                         Outreach and Inclusion                                   Outreach & Inclusion Council

Oct                          Motivating Volunteers             Training & Member Development Council

Nov                          Fundraising Materials                                                      International Office


We’re very happy to let you know that in 2017 more than 20 hours of training were delivered in 9 webinars which took place over the course of 10 months, each had an average of 10 participants, out of 40 National Committees (NCs), 31 attended a webinar at least once. 

For any questions regarding webinars please contact info@eyp.org